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Fabrication de meubles sur mesure 79

A local story

From tree to furniture

Respect for traditions also involves a responsible choice of raw materials.
Local wood brings us many advantages: ecological (minimal transport), but also qualitative.

Indeed, mild and temperate climates optimize the natural drying of the wood, and guarantee a very long life of the furniture by avoiding cracking and deformation.

After more than 40 years in the business, our craftsman, Michel Barateau, has developed an infallible ability to choose the perfect tree.

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Regional wood

Local sawmill

We work just as well with fruit wood as with forest wood from our countryside, dried in the natural air (Chain, chestnut, ash, walnut, beech, poplar, cherry).

In order to offer you exceptional furniture, we pay particular attention to the drying and storage of our wood.

All our trees are sawn in the Pamplie sawmill (-10 km from our workshop).
Our collaboration has bound us for years and has created mutual trust, aiming to offer the best to our customers.

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