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Our creations and makeovers

Tailor-made projects

Thanks to the exceptional materials, used in our creations, and to our overflowing passion for the craftsman,  we can offer you unique projects.


Réalisation de meubels et huisseries sur mesure à partir de vos plans ou des mesures fournies 79
Réalisation de meubels et huisseries sur mesure à partir de vos plans ou des mesures fournies 79
Fabrication d'escaliers sur mesure deux sèvres 79
Fabrication de cuisines sur mesure, réalisation à partir de vos plans ou des mesures 79 deux sèvres
Fabrication de dressings sur mesure, avec vos plans ou des mesures nécessaires 79 deux sèvres

Custom kitchens

Fabrication de cuisines sur mesure 79 deux sèvres

We manufacture, for you, complete and modern kitchens, with accessories adapted to your expectations and needs.

In order to offer you the project of your dreams, we provide you with a wide choice of wood species, designs and colors, as well as the wise and experienced advice of our team.

Fabrication de rangements personnalisée 79 deux sèvres

Character doors

Fabrication de portes de caractère en bois massif deux sèvres 79

Interior doors are an integral part of the decoration of your home. They contribute to the personalization of your interior space by giving it an additional cachet.

Our team therefore offers you a large selection of doors with character, adapted to your home, but also to your tastes.
A wide range of woods, colors and accessories is available to you to create unique and resistant doors.

Adapted stairs

Fabrication sur mesure d'escaliers en bois massif 79 deux sèvres

Central part of your home, the staircase must be adapted and resistant.
Our team brings you all its know-how in order to offer you personalized and solid creations.
For this we choose the best materials and carry out the plans adapted to your wishes but also to the structure of your home.

Fabrication d'escaliers en bois masif 79 deux sèvres

Kitchens and storage

The doors and windows

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